Wills and Estates Resources

Check out our Wills and Estates legal information video below.

Visit the webpage above, www.oatknet.ca for various legal resources on issues that affect older adults, including resources on planning for the future such as writing a Will, Power of Attorney or Personal Directive.

Check out our Wills and Estates legal information video below.

This is a presentation on Wills and Estates. The information talks about laws applicable in the province of Alberta
The accompanying slides can be downloaded in this link:

For further information please visit your local legal clinics website:
Edmonton www.eclc.ca
Grande Prairie www.gplg.ca
Calgary- www.clg.ab.ca
Red Deer – www.communitylegalclinic.net
Medicine Hat www.mhlhc.ca/
Lethbridge  www.lethbridgelegalguidance.ca/

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–  Child Custody and Parenting, Child and Spousal Support and Matrimonial Property:  www.gplg.ca/family-law-information-resources/
– Rights as a Tenant – www.gplg.ca/landlord-tenant-law/
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– Wills and Estate – www.gplg.ca/wills-and-estates-information-resources/